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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Excentials: Distribution agreed with Vetim and Resusa

Excentials, an European based specialty feed additives supplier belonging to Orffa International Holding, is proud to announce its collaboration with Vetim S.A. (San Jose, Costa Rica) to develop sales, marketing and technical support of its Excentials’ product range in this market.

Besides collaboration to service Costa Rica, Excentials’ portfolio will be distributed in Panama by Resusa, a daughter company of Vetim. The appointment of this well known company in the region is congruent with Excentials’ global distribution network expansion which is growing at a steady pace. The cooperation with Vetim allows Excentials to set foothold in Central America which is among its main strategic targets for 2013.

Scope of collaboration
Segments for cooperation in this country include swine, poultry,  ruminants and aquaculture where Vetim enjoys a very strong market position. With a network of over 65 employees, subdistributors, resellers and an own logistic fleed, Vetim manages to service approximately 700 end users. Excentials has a strong technical approach with customers and distributors to ensure that data derived from Excentials’ scientific programme is transferred correctly to our partners..

Feed additives for the livestock industry
Excentials’ portfolio consists of a full range of specialty feed additives branded under the Excential name, including products such as Excential Rumenpass CH (rumen-protected choline chloride) which has proven to be a well taken concept in the high yield dairy segment.

Further Excentials’ portfolio consists of additional nutritional solutions  such as Excential Beta-Key (non-hygroscopic betaine hydrochloride), Excential Butycoat (targeted release sodium butyrate), Excential Energy Plus (Nutritional emulsifier), Excential Selenium (patented new form of organic selenium), Excential Zincoat (micro-encapsulated zinc oxide), Excential Aqua pH (drinking water sanitizer) and Excential Alliin Plus (freeze dried garlic and cinnamon).

Vetim (San José, Costa Rica):
Established in 1978, VETIM S.A. has a 35 year experience in the distribution business of veterinary pharmaceuticals, dairy equipment and pet and productive animal nutrition.

Orffa´s products, vision and business model matches closely Vetim´s needs, vision and way of conducting its´ own business; the resulting alliance has generated a lot of expectations for new tools and solutions based on science

Sunita Sahota

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