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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Trouw launches new online swine feed recommendations

Trouw Nutrition has launched a new online swine feed recommendation tool. The easy-to-use application determines the ideal feed formulation for growing-finishing swine from amongst a wide variety of variables, based on the latest, most well-established nutritional science norms.

Until now, determining the optimal combination of feed components required manual reference source consultation and calculation. According to the company its new online application does this for you. It delivers fast and, more reliable results, and it is also dynamic. This means that the system is capable of taking real-time variables into consideration. These include environmental factors, such as temperature and infection pressure, as well as management factors, such as the nutritional energy system (i.e., metabolic or net energy) that is being used.

The result includes recommendations on nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein and raw materials. It also takes into consideration the most recent breakthrough findings from the Nutreco Swine Research Centre on calcium and phosphorus requirements to ensure the most effective use of these increasingly expensive ingredients.

The feed recommendations generated by the online application are compiled from three different sources: research done over the past few years in the global research centres of Nutreco, Trouw Nutrition's parent company; the most recent industry literature and data; and best-practice insights and experience acquired by Trouw Nutrition experts in the field.


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