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News last update:14 Jan 2016

DSM opens Animal Nutrition Center in China

DSM has announced the opening of its China Animal Nutrition Center in the Chinese town of Bazhou, south of Beijing. With its focus on swine and poultry nutrition and the capabilities to conduct world-class scientific and application research, the facility will support the development of tailored solutions to meet the needs of the fast growing poultry and swine markets in China.

With a special focus on enzymes, eubiotics and vitamins, the new research facility will support ongoing market development by enabling the application of DSM products to address the needs of local swine and poultry producers, further enhancing customer relations in the region. It will also produce scientific data to support product and application development for use in global markets.

Consisting of a laboratory, office building and modern experimental swine and poultry houses, the center will enable DSM to conduct trials on Chinese livestock and develop solutions using proprietary technologies. It will also offer space for scientific and technical meetings, as well as customer trainings and events.

Dr. Nathan Bird, vice president of DSM Nutritional Products China stated: "The China Animal Nutrition Center is one of the first privately-owned research and application centers in China."

Dr. Georg Kau, vice president of DSM Nutritional Products  R&D commented: "The new facility is an important step forward in our strategy to provide specialised product development capabilities tailored for local requirements to customers across the world. Complementary to our existing research center in Europe, the new site allows us to perform feeding trials with higher number of animals. Not only will it support the application of our products to the Chinese market, it will also play an important role in supporting our wider global innovation projects."

Developed to operate according to international standards, the facility has been designed to achieve an optimal balance between increased market demand and the need to minimise environmental impact.


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