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Nutritional value of insect meal published

Insect meal producer Co-Prot, has published the first lab test of their insect meal, intended for animal feed.

It can be downloaded from their website. The sample is only a prototype, and the company states that they are working on improving processing techniques, to reduce fat and moister levels, for example.

High value protein

This preliminary analysis proves that insect meal made from Hermetia illucens is a very nutritious, high value protein alternative that has great potential to replace unsustainable and expensive protein sources.

Still prohibited in the EU

"We believe that insect meal can be a functional "super food" for insectivorous animals, boosting health and reducing medication use in intensive, commercial  animal production.  There is still too little research and information about this topic and we hope more publications and researches will be done", the company states.

Whitepaper on insect meal

The use of insect meal is still prohibited in the EU, as stated in the AllAboutFeed whitepaper on this topic. Insect producers are lobbying to make the European Commission change the current rules to make it possible to use insect meal in feed for food producing animals.


  • Adelani Akamo

    Yes, am very aware of the proficience of insect feeding of animals. I am willing to give it a try as a catfish meal subsidiary for better growth. Are they packaged for importation? How can I get assess to it? Thanks

  • Alese Olalekan

    Any major breakthrough in poultry feed? as alternative replacement of major plant protein?

  • Oscar Julian Arroyave Sierra

    We are producing BSF larvae, evaluating different substrates in their diet, these come from animal species: rabbits, goats and sheep.

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