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News last update:14 Jan 2016

China learns about US feeding systems

A delegation of Chinese pork and feed industry officials are in the Midwest of the US for a ten day trade mission to learn about US pork production and feeding systems.

The United Soybean Export Council is hosting the 24-member delegation which made stops at the World Pork Expo, UNL, SDSU and the soybean fields of farmers in Nebraska and South Dakota. Leading the group is Richard Han USSEC's animal utilisation technical director.

Increase demand for US soybeans

He says China is switching the country's swine industry from backyard production to a vertically integrated system and that will increase the demand for US soybeans and products.

Hahn says their goal is to provide technical assistance to key leaders so they turn to the US to supply their feed needs. And he says there is still room to grow US soybean export demand in China. Hahn says they are also talking to the group about some of their concerns with biotech soybean production in the US.

Source: WNAX


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