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News last update:14 Jan 2016

On-farm dairy partnership between Alltech and COVAP

Alltech announces a new on-farm dairy partnership with COVAP, one of Spain’s largest farmer co-operatives. The partnership called COVAP45 aims to increase efficiency on 320 Spanish dairy farms.

COVAP45 in strategic alliance with Alltech will witness initial trials on 15 dairy farms in the Spanish region of Andalucía, with a view to spreading to all 320 farms within the COVAP cooperative by the end of 2017. The aim of COVAP45 is "production efficiency for COVAP's dairy farmers powered by Alltech's nutrition expertise, with Alltech as the exclusive nutrition partner to COVAP in Spain."

240 million liters of milk per annum

COVAP was founded in 1959 and has more than 14,500 members, of which 7,000 are farmers and specialise in dairy, cheese and meat products. Alltech and COVAP began collaborating on nutritional projects in 2010 and since then have developed a strong alliance focused on efficiency and profitability on-farm. COVAP currently assists its dairy farmers to produce 240 million liters of milk per annum. COPVAP45 will underline the cooperative commitment to innovation for the Spanish dairy market and allow COVAP to hit the mark of 300 million liters of milk per annum.

Efficient, sustainable dairy farming

"Spain is one of the three most important markets for Alltech in Europe," said Dr. Pearse Lyons, founder and president of Alltech. "Alltech is proud of the achievements made to date in Spain and through COVAP45 Alltech will bring the latest research, solutions and expertise direct to Spanish dairy farmers. COVAP45 underscores our long-term commitment to efficient, sustainable dairy farming and is another way that we are helping to support the continued growth and transformation of the dairy industry."

Quota abolition

Dairy farmers across Europe are becoming increasingly focused on improving their efficiency and profitability, says Alltech. "Following the quota abolition earlier this year, increased milk production is very much within the capabilities of the European dairy herd. The key to unlocking profitability in a sustainable manner is through achieving greater efficiency of production. These will be the driving factors behind COVAP45."

Improve milking yields

"Alltech has significant expertise and vast knowledge in animal nutrition and dairy science and are natural partners for COVAP in the Spanish market," said Mr. Antonio Carmona, general manager of COVAP. "Alltech has been a strategic technology and nutritional partner for us across many of our farmer streams here in COVAP, and we look forward to working with the Alltech team to improve milking yields for Spanish farmers while reducing their input costs."


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