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How much soybean meal is consumed in the US?

During 2014, livestock in the US consumed an estimated 27.9 million tons of soybean meal, approximately the same amount as 2013. A report looks at the consumption per state.

This is stated in the report '2004-2014 Economic Analysis of Animal Agriculture'.

According to results from this study, in the 2013-2014 soybean marketing year, domestic animal agriculture consumed approximately 27.9 million tons of soybean meal in the US, making animal agriculture the largest source of demand for soybean meal in the country. The soybean meal was fed primarily to broilers (11.2 million tons), pigs (7.9 million tons) and dairy cows (2.7 million tons).

Soybean meal use per state

Due to the large number of animal units, the state of Iowa is a clear leader in soybean meal usage. Other states that use large amounts of soybean meal include North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, Minnesota and Texas. Georgia's broiler chickens consumed nearly 1.9 million tons of soybean meal in 2014. Other states that use significant amounts of soybean meal in their broiler diets include Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and North Carolina. In 2014, Iowa's laying hens consumed over 368,000 tons of soybean meal. Other top states for soybean meal consumption by laying hens include Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Iowa leads the nation in pig production and the state's pigs consumed about 2.3 million tons of soybean meal in 2014. Pigs in Minnesota, North Carolina and Illinois consumed large amounts of soybean meal too.

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