Biomin to offer US market new products

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Biomin to offer US market new products
Biomin to offer US market new products

Animal nutrition company Biomin plans to launch a number of new initiatives that will strengthen its stance in the United States, including direct shipping and 2 product launches at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines this June.

The company will unveil 2 new products –Biofix® PRO and Biotronic® Top3– that complement the firm’s current US product offering which already includes Biofix®, PoultryStar® and Digestarom®.

Biofix PRO, an innovative solution formulated specifically for the American livestock industry that is designed to counteract naturally-occurring metabolites found in feed ingredients known to compromise animal health and performance. In support of the launch of this product, a new package of services —the Biomin® PROcheck— will be launched that will provide fully customised solutions for key account clients.

The 5-step plan includes:

  1. tracking and monitoring of feed and feed ingredient samples,
  2. on-farm consultancy including differential diagnosis and herd/flock analysis,
  3. practical training,
  4. tailor-made solutions, and
  5. support with a suite of analytical tools.

Biotronic Top3 is an acid-based pathogen control product for swine which recently gained FDA compliance. “Good feed hygiene is essential for the livestock industry,” noted Dr Attila Kovacs, Global Product Line Manager for Acidifiers at BIOMIN. “In recent years we have seen a number of large-scale modern operations across the world achieve real improvements using this product to support feed hygiene. We think that there’s a similar opportunity in the US,” he remarked.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor

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