Biomin’s DON biotransformer gets positive EFSA opinion

18-01-2017 | |
Mycofix; Press Release; Products
Mycofix; Press Release; Products

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has just published a positive Scientific Opinion on the safety and efficacy of Biomin® BBSH 797 for the application in poultry feed.

This ingredient (microorganism) has been found effective in safely biotransforming trichothecenes into harmless metabolites in the gastrointestinal tract of poultry, as demonstrated in numerous feeding trials.

Due to the molecular structure of trichothecenes, adsorptive substances, or binders, are not effective to counteract this group of mycotoxins. Deoxynivalenol (DON) is a well-known mycotoxin belonging to this group.

In vitro and in vivo studies showed that the inclusion of Biomin’s additive at the recommended dose of 1.7 x 108 CFU/kg was effective in reducing contaminating DON in feed when given to avian species with a concomitant production of the less toxic de-epoxy metabolite,” according to the EFSA Opinion.

Beside in vitro and ex vivo studies, the efficacy was proven by in vivo studies in chickens and turkeys for fattening and laying hens. In all three, the inclusion of the additive returned the concentration of DON in excreta to or below the level seen in the uncontaminated control group.

Biomin® BBSH 797 received initial EU authorisation for pigs in 2013. EFSA just recently published a positive scientific opinion on the safety and efficacy of another Mycofix ingredient — FUMzyme® — for the application in feed for all avian species in November 2016.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor