Product: Mycospin –clean-up prior to mycotoxin analysis

23-11-2012 | |
Product: Mycospin  clean-up prior to mycotoxin analysis
Product: Mycospin clean-up prior to mycotoxin analysis

Romer Labs, a food-safety diagnostic company, has launched the MycoSpin 400 Multitoxin column, for an effective clean-up prior to multi-mycotoxin analysis, enhancing the performance of LC-MS/MS methods.

The MycoSpin 400 Multitoxin cleanup columns, in conjunction with Biopure 13C labeled internal standards, achieve new performance levels in LC-MS/MS analysis. Using this approach means straightforward sample preparation and no limitations by molecular mass of the analyte. Furthermore, Biopure 13C isotope-labeled internal standards overcome the ionization effect by stabilizing the system to the effects of signal suppression and signal enhancement.

Romer Labs has developed a series of method applications using this new approach of a MycoSpin cleanup with Biopure internal standards. These methods are validated for the simultaneous detection of multiple mycotoxins in cereal grains, mixed feeds, and corn, including corn by-products.

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