Webinar: Mycotoxin Summer Harvest Survey

01-12-2017 | |
Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

Join the free webinar of All About Feed, in cooperation with Alltech on 8 December about the results from the Mycotoxins Summer Harvest Survey.

It has been shown that mycotoxins can have a detrimental impact on animal health and performance. Year-to-year differences in mycotoxin type and levels can vary greatly due to weather patterns and agronomic practices. Alltech identifies the mycotoxin types and levels in newly produced crops and analyses what the risks may prove to be to various livestock. This allows for a more complete mycotoxin management programme to be employed.

During this webinar, Dr Max Hawkins will announce the results of the recently completed Alltech 37+® summer harvest survey, which evaluated the presence of mycotoxins in several crop types across Europe. After careful analysis, the Alltech Mycotoxin Management Team established the key mycotoxin challenges facing pig, poultry, dairy and beef cattle producers and feed manufacturers in 2018.

As the presence of mycotoxins are an inherent risk, producers and feed manufactures must continue to manage the risk to get the best results possible out of their feed and their livestock. Dr Hawkins will provide insights into the best management practices to combat the most prevalent European mycotoxins in 2018.

The webinar will be hosted by Emmy Koeleman, editor for All About Feed.

The webinar will be broadcast live from Amsterdam, the Netherlands at 14.00pm Central European Time. This corresponds with:

• 8.00am in Atlanta, GA;

• 3.00pm in Moscow, Russia;

• 1.00pm in London, UK;

• 7.00pm in Bangkok, Thailand;

• 8.00pm in Beijing, China;

For anyone who is unable to follow the webinar, it will be available for streaming at any other date at a later moment.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor