WMFmeetsIUPAC Belfast: Looking beyond horizons

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WMFmeetsIUPAC Belfast: Looking beyond horizons
WMFmeetsIUPAC Belfast: Looking beyond horizons

The 11th Conference of The World Mycotoxin forum, taking place in Belfast this week, offers a platform for the feed and food industry to exchange current knowledge related to mycotoxins. Theme of the conference: ‘Looking beyond horizons’. Next days, highly respected speakers will discuss current challenges and consider the next steps in mycotoxin management.

Prof. Manfred Grasserbrauer of Vienna University, Austria opened the conference addressing one of the main challenges of the coming years: Climate change. “If we are continuing with ‘business as usual’, we are likely to encounter a doubling of annual CO2 emissions till 2100 and temperature will increase from now by 3.7 degrees. Leading to an unpredictable occurrence of mycotoxins.”

Can technology be party of the solution?

According to Prof. Josse De Baerdemaeker of KU Leuven, digitalisation of agriculture, so called agriculture 4.0, will assist in reducing the risk of mould contamination. “The Food Agricultural Organization of the United Nations has given recommendations for Good Agricultural Practices to reduce the risk for mycotoxins. Recommendations about soil, crops, weeds etc.. All these management measures can be connected to advanced technology, for better information processing and decision making.”

Or will vertical farming be the future?

A controlled environment that is less subject to variation in climate and pathogens. “Vertical farming provides faster and more precision production. One acre of vertical farming can provide a production equivalent to 10-20 acres of conventional production. Also the high levels of control will reduce the interaction between crops and pathogens,” according to Nigel D Scollan of Queen’s University, Belfast. Unfortunately, there is no research regarding mycotoxins in vertical farming systems.

During the coming days, WMFmeetsIUPAC will offer an programme with high-quality speakers, discussing strategies for prevention and control of mycotoxin contamination, protecting human an animal health.

The World Mycotoxin Forum goes to Asia!

The world leading independent mycotoxin conference – The World Mycotoxin Forum – is spreading its wings and will organise the first Asia edition in January 2020. The event will be organised by Misset International, the publisher of the international multimedia brand All About Feed, in cooperation with Bastiaanse Communication, the creator and organiser of the regular editions of the World Mycotoxin Forum. WMFmeetsASIA will be held 13-15 January 2020 in Bangkok. Registration is now open.

Marieke Ploegmakers Editor: All About Feed