Agrifirm announces collaboration with Protix

19-11-2018 | |
Agrifirm announces collaboration with Protix. Photo: Emmy Koeleman
Agrifirm announces collaboration with Protix. Photo: Emmy Koeleman

Dutch feed company Agrifirm announces a collaboration with insect producer Protix that will result in the launch of various new initiatives using insect based ingredients from Protix.

This announcement comes in the wake of a significant capacity expansion that Protix is currently realising in the Netherlands and that will be in full gear in Q2, 2019. Protix is the first and largest producer of certified, high-quality and sustainable insect ingredients. Its products ProteinX, LipidX and Bloosom are produced at a world-class production facility and are based on the black soldier fly.

Natural soil enhancer

Agrifirm will extend its research with the Protix ingredients and develop exciting new products and concepts for chickens, layers and pigs. Agrifirm will also explore the potential of Protix’s natural soil enhancer containing high organic content and additional properties. The company will therefore execute extensive field tests and work with the Protix team and many potential customers to further commercialise this into new products that are healthy for us and the planet.

Many cooperations

Earlier this year, Protix announced its cooperation with Hendrix Genetics, global multi-species animal genetics company, to develop an insect breeding programme. The programme aims to further improve the potential of insects as an efficient protein converter from feedstock to ingredient. In 2017, Protix and Bühler, known for its feed processing equipment founded Bühler Insect Technology Solutions. This joint venture will develop scalable, industrial solutions for the rearing, and processing of insects to provide protein primarily for animal feed and food.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor