Dutch project to study seaweed applications

28-04-2017 | |
Photo: Shuttersock
Photo: Shuttersock

A new Dutch research project delves into seaweed as a sustainable source of protein for people and animals alike.

In the four-year Social Innovation Programme ‘Seaweed for Food and Feed’, Wageningen University & Research and the North Sea Farm foundation in the Netherlands are partnering with industry to develop a comprehensive and sustainable seaweed sector.

As stated on the website of Wageningen University, the work involves multifunctional seaweed farms in the North Sea linked to a land-based chain for logistics, processing and sales to the food industry. Dutch State Secretary of Economic Affairs Martijn van Dam has pledged to invest €5 million in Seaweed for Food and Feed.

The project will work on for example: the selection and breeding of high-quality varieties, optimal cultivation systems and optimal locations (to ensure the composition of the seaweed is as favourable as possible) and multiple processing of seaweed to ensure all components are optimally used at the highest possible economic value.

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Source: Wageningen UR

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