Research looks at safe sustainable use of insects

03-06-2016 | |
Research looks at safe sustainable use of insects
Research looks at safe sustainable use of insects

Dutch feed company ForFarmers is participating in a research project from Wageningen UR, the Netherlands aiming to guarantee the quality of insects for use in animal feed and/or human food. The researchers are looking at, for example, any possible build-up and/or secretion of chemicals by insects following the use of new raw materials in insect feed.

The use of insects in animal feed and human food can be a sustainable alternative to other sources of protein and fat. Especially when certain supermarket residues (out of date products) can be used to feed and grow the insects on. However, legislation doesn’t not always permit to use these waste products as feed ingredients.

The goal of this project is to grow insects safely using these waste streams. In particular, the study will look at whether there is any possible accumulation of some micronutrients or secretion of certain compounds by the insects. The potential is for insects to either be consumed directly by humans or used as a feed ingredient which is high in protein and oil so particularly useful in young animal feed. This could lead to a highly sustainable source of quality protein.


Besides ForFarmers and Wageningen UR, partners in this study are the insect producers Proti-Farm R&D BV, Protix Biosystems and Koppert Biological Systems. ForFarmers participates in this project by offering knowledge and experience in the field of feed consumption. In addition to contributions from these companies, the project is being financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands through the AgriFood Top Sector.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor