2nd International phytase summit set for December

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2nd International phytase summit set for December
2nd International phytase summit set for December

At the 2nd International Phytase Summit (IPS 2) Schothorst Feed Research will join AB Vista, Massey University, University of Maryland and University of Sydney at the Grand Hotel Plaza in Rome from 11 to 13 December 2012.

Following the success of the inaugural International Phytase Summit in 2010, the organising committee has arranged a second event to review, consolidate and progress discussions on this subject.

Phytase enzymes are being used by the animal production industry to release phosphorus and more recently to destroy phytate. Phytate is an anti-nutrient which is costing producers up to $2 billion a year in lost performance. IPS 2 provides the platform of an interactive technical symposium allowing delegates to discuss the possibilities of a ‘phytate-free’ world.

Starting with a broad look at the market dynamics and future of phosphate, energy and protein supply, IPS 2 will discuss how far we can go with phosphate replacement. In particular, there will be presentations considering whether phytate should be considered as the enemy, how to deal with phytate, and finally how to destroy phytate, including an evaluation of phytase ‘superdosing’.

A full list of the talks being given at the event can be found online at www.ips2-2012.com.

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