Adifo: “More feed applications in the cloud”

29-01-2014 | |
Adifo:  More feed applications in the cloud
Adifo: More feed applications in the cloud

Adifo, software supplier for the international feed formulation business, has more than 600 customers in over 60 countries worldwide. But the company wants to intensify its international scope even further. This is according to R&D manager Reinhart De Lille, who said this in a Dutch interview on the occasion of the 40 year anniversary of the company this year.

Adifo already has a strong international scope, but with the recent acquisition of Brilliant Alternatives, which has a strong position in its US home market, as well as on the international scene (such as China), the Belgium based company is ready to intensify the worldwide business even further. “We operate in a very interesting sector. The development of technologies is going fast. Analyzing the nutritional feed values using a phone app, to share the available data real time with business partners and consumers is the way forward and are things we have developed and continue to develop at Adifo”, says De Lille.

In addition, De Lille addresses that Adifo will continue to work with industry-standard technology. De Lille: “We will always stimulate open technology and usability and user experience will continue to be on top of the list when we develop new products. The market will become increasingly open and more new applications will be developed in the cloud. Therefore, it is important to be an open company as well. For this, we have developed the Faas and Milas-AX platform, allowing partners and large parties to integrate and extend their applications themselves.”

At the currently held IPPE in Atlanta, Adifo is offering a free demo of its brand new phone app allowing customers to  retrieve, recalculate and update nutrient values of your raw material database. At the IPPE, Adifo is also launching its cloud solution for feed formulation. This offers the first real cloud solution for ration calculation and optimization for dairy cattle, beef and young stock and was developed in cooperation with AMTS (Agricultural Modelling & Training Systems).

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor