Agrana starts Actibeet production

17-06-2015 | |
Agrana starts Actibeet production
Agrana starts Actibeet production

Agrana has started the production of its natural, liquid Betaine ActiBeet. The Austrian based sugar plant has decided to expand its molasses desugarisation operations, which allows the company to introduce a natural alternative to the market.

Betaine is a multifunctional nutrient that exerts a number of important physiological functions at the gastrointestinal and metabolic level. It acts as a non-ionic osmoprotector, supporting the mineral and water balance by maintaining the cell’s volume without disrupting its normal functions; as well as being the most efficient methyl group donor. Therefore, it is widely applied in the poultry, pig and aquaculture industries, and has shown good results in ruminants, says Agrana.

Positive effects on performance, fertility and profit

The application of Betaine supports the health status of animals and ensures a balanced feeding, through increasing the availability of several essential and non-essential nutrients in the diet, with positive effects on performance, fertility and profit. ActiBeet is GMO-free and non-toxic. The product is also GMP+ certified and available in the form of liquid Betaine molasses throughout the year.

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