AjiPro-L protected lysine for dairy cows

05-07-2011 | |

Ajinomoto Heartland, LLC introduces AjiPro-L, a protected lysine source that boosts milk production while saving space in the diet for other nutrients.

Over the past decade, numerous studies have shown that the amino acid lysine is either first-limiting or co-limiting with methionine in dairy cows when fed high corn-based diets. But without protection from rumen organisms, lysine quickly gets digested in the rumen and is little use to the cow herself.
AjiPro-L formulation provides 80% rumen protection, and other studies show the lysine from the product is making it into lower intestine where it can be absorbed and used by the cow. In three trials, AjiPro-L increased milk production an average of 2 ltr/cow/day over control diets.
To supply 10 grams of lysine to the cow 230 gram of blood meal (in the US) must be fed. To supply the same 10 grams of lysine via AjiPro, just 62 grams. That leaves about 150 grams of ration “space” that can be used for other nutrients in the TMR.


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