AllAboutFeed presents ‘Dairy Digest’

22-10-2013 | |
AllAboutFeed presents  Dairy Digest
AllAboutFeed presents Dairy Digest

AllAboutFeed is proud to present its special edition publication for the dairy sector, Dairy Digest.

As the dairy sector and industry are becoming more and more international, production standards are also increasingly becoming similar worldwide and challenges are rising – all ingredients for this special focus on dairy production and technology.

The outlook for dairy is indeed staggering. In the coming 15 years, 2 billion people will start to consume milk products. The increase in the consumption of animal proteins is expected to grow by 50% by 2020 and will double by 2050. Dairy production in the developed world is becoming more and more efficient and in emerging countries, production is flourishing or is on the verge of.

Global milk production is predicted to rise to 1043 million tonnes a year by 2050.

Optimum nutrition plays a vital role in keeping the animals strong and healthy, along with tackling environmental issues. This special issue aims to unveil all options for the professional dairy farmer and industry. It explores the state of dairy in the world, focusing on constraints and tries to find out what the future will hold. We also look at mitigation strategies on feed and health. More feed and the quality are crucial factors in meeting the demand, just as animal health is. Heat stress for example will get a lot of attention: in many areas where dairy production is expected to expand, the climate poses a challenge.

Dairy Digest will try to provide you with the tools and insight into running the business better, and to learn from colleagues around the globe. I hope you’ll enjoy this issue – all feedback is more than welcome! Please let us know by e-mail at:

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