Antioxidant clarified for organic fish feed

06-06-2007 | |

Kemin announced that its Paradigmox® Green is the first ethoxyquin free antioxidant that can be used as an antioxidant in fish feeds certified for use in organic aquaculture after July 1st 2007 as decided by the Certification Committee for the Soil Association.

This certification committee has also allowed the use of Paradigmox Green in
fish meal or fish oil as components for pig/poultry feeds certified for use in
organic agriculture according to EU regulation 2092/91 (terrestrial livestock

The product is available in liquid and dry form and it is
part of Kemin’s portfolio of ethoxyquin free antioxidant nutricines. These
antioxidant nutricines were launched by Kemin in 2003 as the new standard in
antioxidants for the feed industry.

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