Article: Health risks associated with contaminants in minerals

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At a round table meeting in the Netherlands organised by Alltech the underexposed subject of issues dealing with (trace) minerals in animal feeds were discussed. One of the speakers was David Byrne, former EU Commissioner for Health & Consumer Protection, who expressed his view on health risks associated with contaminants in minerals.

In 2009 there were four Rapid Alert SFF notifications due to ‘premixes’. These were related to:
(1) the content of selenium (343 mg/kg – ppm) in the UK, (2) the incorporation rate (0.3 %) specified for broilers from Poland, via the Slovak Republic, (3) incorrect labelling on complementary feed for piglets from the Netherlands and (4) dioxins (1.60; 1.30; 1.90 pg WHO TEQ/g) in feed premix from Brazil.
Many ‘feed additive’ notifications were related to contamination of inorganic trace elements – such as: lead contamination of manganese oxide; and lead and cadmium contamination of zinc oxide. An earlier incident in the US was also related to contaminated zinc oxide and premixes containing zinc oxide. In this case, the zinc oxide was contaminated with dioxins. The premix was destined for use in livestock, aquaculture, and poultry feed and feed products. The FDA requested the recall of certain animal feed and feed products. The recalled products had been distributed to feed manufacturers and suppliers in …….
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Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed

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