Azerbaijan creates control system for GMO production

21-12-2012 | |
Azerbaijan creates control system for GMO production
Azerbaijan creates control system for GMO production

In December a decision made by the Cabinet of Ministers, has approved the rules for determining the possible dangers posed by genetically modified plants for consumers and the environment in Azerbaijan.

These rules in particular provide the establishment of the Expert Group of the Scientific and Technical Council, who will determine the direction of research into the possible harm of the genetically modified organisms (GMO).  Azerbaijan plans to establish a control system to clarify how dangerous the GMO products are that currently can be found on the markets of human food and animal feed.

According to the document, the research team will be studying the impact of areas planted with GMO crops on the nearby crop plants, the elements of the natural flora, as well as  farm animals and wild animals that will be feed with such products. This group will conduct research in the laboratories of state agencies, members of the Scientific and Technical Council, which will develop measures necessary to prevent the possible risk of GMO products.

On the basis of this research the use of GMO products as well as their cultivation and import can be additionally restricted. The representatives of the Consumers Right Protection Organization generally support the initiative.

“Scientists have not fully examined the effects of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in human health. However, experiments in animals have shown to have a negative impact of GM foods, said the chairman of the Free Consumers Union of Azerbaijan Eyyub Huseynov in an interview. He also pointed out that the use of GMO in the country should be banned immediately, before the results of the research is ready.  “It is necessary to restrict access to the domestic market of GMO or prevent its occurrence in Azerbaijan until it can be proven that genetically modified products are safe. “

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent
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