Biomin announces new aquaculture research centre in Vietnam

13-01-2015 | |
Biomin announces new aquaculture research centre in Vietnam
Biomin announces new aquaculture research centre in Vietnam

Animal nutrition company Biomin will open a new aquaculture research centre. The centre, which will open early 2015, will be located at Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This new centre further solidifies the dedication of the company to the aquaculture industry.

The new 600m2 aquaculture research facility signifies the continued collaborative efforts of Biomin in conducting innovative research to provide effective solutions to the industry with the focus on several key areas: nutrition and feed formulation; gut health; immune modulation; waste management and feed safety.

Research and development will be centred on several of the most important species for the aquaculture industry in the region including marine and fresh water species such as catfish, tilapia, sea bass and shrimp. As part of the investment, Biomin will take over and expand the facilities of the aqua research centre at Nong Lam University. Activities at the new research centre will be jointly coordinated by the Biomin Research Center in Tulln, Austria, and the technical staff at the facility. The research facilities will be equipped with five different recirculating systems and two challenge rooms. A feed formulation lab for preparation of test diets, including a lab scale feed extruder that will allow testing of different ingredients and solutions under conditions similar to those found in the aquaculture industry, is also in place.

In partnership with Sanphar, a veterinary products and services company that is also under the Erber Group umbrella, a state-of-the-art microbiological lab will be established to screen and investigate the status of infectious diseases in both livestock and aquaculture. Biomin will also collaborate closely with Nong Lam University to build the academic and research pipeline in Vietnam by creating undergraduate research opportunities and mentorship for local students.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor