Cats most susceptible to tainted food

15-05-2007 | |

The urinary tract system of cats apparently made them more susceptible to contaminated petfood than other animals, according to a New York veterinarian.

Veterinary hospitals in the US report cats have become sick or died after
eating the tainted food than dogs. The majority of our cases are cats, Louise
Murray, director of medicine for Bergh Memorial veterinary hospital in New York.
Because cats evolved in the North African desert, they don’t drink as much water
as other animals, including humans, leaving their kidneys less able to distill
contaminants, Murray said.

Researchers believe the petfood was
contaminated with the chemicals melamine and cyanuric acid that combined to form
life-threatening crystals in the pets’ kidneys. Animals are still dying, even
though the initial recall was in mid-March. Some stores still were selling
recalled food, and some pet owners weren’t aware of new round of recalls announced late last week

, Murray said.

Not over

Every time you think it’s over and start to relax, then, boom!
Somebody went to the store and bought (tainted) food that was still on the
shelves, she said.

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(Source: USA Today)

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