Coming soon: Webinar on enzyme applications to improve sustainability

25-09-2023 | |
Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

On October 3 at 15:00 CEST All About Feed will host a webinar on how enzyme applications can help to improve the sustainability of animal production – called ‘Pushing the boundaries of enzyme applications to improve sustainability’.

The environmental impact of animal production is under increasing scrutiny. Feed additives, such as enzymes, can be used to improve sustainability. The webinar, hosted in cooperation with IFF, will address the following topics:

  • The environmental challenges related to the use of soy and trace minerals
  • How phytase can help reduce reliance on trace mineral supplementation
  • How enzymes, in combination with other feed additives, can enable use of alternative protein sources

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The 2 speakers of the webinar are Yueming Dersjant-Li Principal Scientist at IFF and Saad Gilani Technical Services Manager at IFF

Register here for our free Feed Efficiency webinar

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Marieke Ploegmakers Editor: All About Feed
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