Dairy Campus and ForFarmers start research on pH-bolus

25-04-2012 | |

Recently, Dairy Campus (part of Wageningen UR Livestock Research) and compound feed manufacturer ForFarmers launched an investigation into the relationship between the structure of the ration, the behaviour of cows and the pH in the rumen.

The study will particularly look at the influence of feed structure on feed intake, rumination and acidity of the rumen. Pieter Schouten, WUR student, is conducting the research as part of his Master’s thesis.
For the purpose of research Dairy Campus  Leeuwarden, has been equipped with pH monitoring system, an innovation of the Austrian company smaXtec animal care.
Their pH-bolus enables continuous monitoring of the pH-value in the rumen of the dairy cow. This allows to recognize acute or subacute rumen acidosis in a reliable manner and within hours.
Immediately actions can be taken to mitigate the adverse effects on the health of the animals – such as poorer performance on short and long term.
ForFarmers in the Netherlands is the exclusive supplier of the pH monitoring system.

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