Danisco launches new products at AveSui

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Danisco launches new products at AveSui
Danisco launches new products at AveSui

Danisco Animal Nutrition, a business division of DuPont Industrial Biosciences, will launch its latest advanced phytase product and a new value-add services at AveSui 2014, being held 13- 15 May in Brazil.

Axtra PHY, a patented Buttiauxella phytase, has a high and rapid activity in an animal’s upper digestive tract, which the company states can lead to cost savings of around $1.08 per metric tonne of pig feed through availability of ~20% more phosphorus (P) and calcium (Ca) earlier in the digestive process.  For poultry, the potential savings are around $1.23 per metric tonne of feed. The phytase product also reduces the need for costly inorganic phosphorous supplementation and balances calcium levels to support skeletal and metabolic functions. It also creates an availability of around 10% additional digestible energy (and costly amino acids) to the pig through superior phytate degradation in the upper gut. For poultry, the percentage is around 30%, equating to an additional $1.36 per tonne of feed.

The company will also launch the online Optimize Feed Service, a tool that enables customers to maximise profitability from use of the company’s bio-efficacious phytase products – Axtra PHY and Phyzyme XP – and its Betafin natural betaine.  It uses matrix values based on animal species, diet variation, substrate levels and the age of the animal to help customers determine the right dose of phytase to maximise uptake of phosphorous and betaine to allow accurate and safe replacement of costly methionine and choline. A semi-quantitative Axtra PHY FASTkit assay which quickly detects the presence of active Axtra PHY phytase in the feed will also be showcased.

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