Feed additives company takes roadshow to Malaysia

09-10-2013 | |
Feed additives company takes roadshow to Malaysia

Optivite, a manufacturer of natural animal feed additives for the farming, feed mill and animal production industries, took its road-show seminar to Malaysia.

In conjunction with its Malaysian distributor Peterlabs, Optivite hosted a seminar at Subang Jaya close to Kuala Lumpur. The seminar covered the use of mycotoxin binders and the benefits of incorporating a concentrated omega-3 fatty acid supplement in poultry feed.

“There is a good awareness in Malaysia of the importance of using mycotoxin binders,” explained Optivite technical director Paul Forster who spoke at the seminar. “However, while there is recognition that mycotoxins can cause very serious production issues, we need to explain that not all mycotoxin binders are the same and that Ultrabond, a broad spectrum binder offering protection against a whole range of toxins, will provide results from the moment it enters the animal. This gives greater control against the more dangerous mycotoxins and increases the performance of the animal.”

The seminar also looked at the benefits of including an omega 3 fatty acid supplement. Paul Forster said: “Modern livestock are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids as the increased use of cereals and vegetable protein based diets has led to an over-supply of omega-6 fatty acids. This imbalance can cause an exaggerated inflammatory response to disease and under performance. The inclusion of an omega-3 source, like Optomega 50, helps to redress this balance.”

Omega-3 fatty acids have been and continue to be widely studied. They are associated with many positive benefits such as; improved growth rates, food conversion, fertility, viability, bone strength and enhanced omega-3 levels in meat and eggs.

Optivite technical sales manager Jiehan Lim who helped co-ordinate the event commented, “The seminars have proved a great opportunity for us to get closer to our customers and explain the science behind the products.”

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