Focused innovation can change the norm

01-11-2016 | |
Photo: Jan Willem Schoten
Photo: Jan Willem Schoten

Not all innovation has to be radical to result in nutritional solutions that challenge the norm. Perstorp will showcase how focused innovation has led them to significant innovations during this year’s EuroTier event in Hanover 15-18 November.

“As a backwards integrated company, we have both, the organic acid production platform, as well as deep insights in the end user market,” Patricia Oddshammar, VP of Perstorp Feed & Food explains. “Combining this gives us the opportunity to develop organic acid based solutions tailored to market needs. Perstorp embraces focused innovation. It’s key to our development as a company and it helps us to raise the bar in animal gut health and preservation.”

Esterification platform innovations

Next year Perstorp will launch their next innovation coming out of their esterification platform. “For EuroTier one of the innovations to be presented is ProMyrTMR. A new solution tailored to cattle, used to help preserve Total Mixed Ration, which prevents it from heating due to microbial fermentation, spoilage and loss of nutrients.

The product is an example of how our extensive knowledge of organic acids and closeness to the market can bring a new formula for a real world problem. It also demonstrates our commitment to improve the nutritional and hygienic quality of feed through preservation,” according to Oddshammar.

Replacing the use of sodium bicarbonate

For Perstorp focused innovation does not only result in new molecules or products. Their commitment to innovation also involves challenging conventional wisdom and practices. Perstorp’s drive to replace the use of sodium bicarbonate as a primary source of sodium in monogastrics with ProPhorce AC 299, a sodium formate based solution, is an example of this.

This incremental innovation demonstrates that significant improvements are to be achieved by challenging the status quo. Oddshammar adds, “ProPhorce AC 299 has been on the market for a number of years. Thanks to optimisation of our production platform, our understanding of molecules and markets, we now have a solution that we believe will be the new gold standard sodium source. We can show that the current gold standard, sodium bicarbonate, should be replaced with this product to give nutritional, performance and economic benefits.”

Innovation capabilities

Oddshammar concludes, “Despite our 135-year history, or probably because of it, Perstorp continues to show strong radical and incremental innovation capabilities by bringing the right solutions to the market. This, together with our Swedish values of responsibility and reliability, are the reasons I believe we continue to see strong growth in our business across the globe.”

Perstorp Feed & Food specialists will be on hand at stand A10 in hall 22 to explain and discuss innovative solutions that Perstorp provides for today’s feed industry challenges.

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