Heavy times for New Zealand pig farmers

18-09-2007 | |

Pig producers in New Zealand might perish due to grain prices rocketing sky-high. Having to pay high prices for maize and barley, many producers suffer losses.

Feed counts for about 70% of the pork production price in New Zealand. There
have already been reports of pig producers that might have to leave business if
bad situation continues. Colin Kay, Pork Industry Board spokesman, emphasised
that pork prices are not rising despite the higher feed costs.

of feed prices
The board predicts a further growth of feed prices with 40
to 50 NZ dollar per tonne (€21 to €26). Pig producers in New Zealand altogether
buy approximately 160,000 tonne of grains per year. An improvement of the pork
prices should first of all come from supermarket chains.

New Zealand Pork
Industry Board

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