Herbal gel as oral treatment against ketosis

27-06-2016 | |

Indian researchers studied an herbal nutritional approach to deal with ketosis in dairy cattle. The results have been published in The Journal of Veterinary Science.

Ketosis is a metabolic disorder that occurs in cattle when energy demands exceed energy intake and result in a negative energy balance. The current study was designed to evaluate the efficacy of herbal gel AV/KPC/10 (M/S Ayurvet Limited) for control of sub clinical ketosis in cows.

18 animals positive for sub clinical ketosis were randomly divided into Group I (n=6), treated with the herbal gel at a  dose 200 gm twice a day orally for first 2 days followed by 100 gm once a day for next 3 days, Group II (n=6), treated with Liquid Anabolite at dose 200ml twice a day orally for 2 days, followed by 100 ml twice a day for 3 days and Group III (n=6), treated with Inj. Dextrose 25% at dose 500 ml intravenously once in a day for 3 days.

It was shown that the group of ketotic cows treated with the herbal gel showed improvement in altered levels of plasma glucose, serum triglycerides and serum phosphorus on day 3 till day 30 post treatment. All herbal gel supplemented cows were found negative for sub clinical ketosis on day 3, 7 and day 30 after supplementation. A significant increase in milk yield was observed after herbal gel supplementation.

The full study can be read here.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor