Innovad launch product to lower medicated premix use

05-12-2012 | |
Innovad launch product to lower medicated premix use
Innovad launch product to lower medicated premix use

Innovad a Belgian based innovative feed additives producer, during Eurotier 2012 launched their latest Intestinal health management programme branded Lumance.

Lumance, has been released as a solution to reducing medication cost and the use of medicated premixes. Intestinal health is the most determining factor for pig & poultry health in general, herd performance and farm profitability.

Harmful bacteria like E.coli that may colonise in the gastrointestinal tract, result in clinical and sub-clinical diseases. Reducing feed intake and daily gain, gut disorders, diarrhea, wet litter are all observed in animals with bacterial infections.

By controlling the micro flora in the lumen & strengthening the Intestinal Epithelium integrity, Lumance offers a comprehensive gut health management programme aimed at reducing medication or cocktails of medications.

Lumance is a complex, combining slow release and protection technologies ensuring that acids, medium chain fatty acids, butyrate, essential oils, anti-inflammatory compounds and polyphenols are delivered in a gut active way for powerful and effective antibacterial control

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