Insects in feed: Consumers to voice opinion

06-08-2015 | |
Insects in feed: Consumers to voice opinion

PROteINSECT, the EC funded project to promote and study insects for animal feed wants to know what consumers think of using bugs to produce feed and food. The survey is now available in five European languages.

Soy, insects, seaweed, feathers… Do we know or care what the animals we eat are fed on? This is why PROteINSECT urges the consumers to voice their opinions on novel feed methods for farmed animals in Europe. The project team has extend the online survey, which is now available in five languages. The results will inform Europe-wide policy.

People have to buy it

Following publication last week of its Consensus Business Case, a report endorsed by leading authorities which sets out the current position in Europe on the use of insects as an additional source of protein for livestock and fish, PROteINSECT wants to gauge consumer opinion around different types of protein feed for animals, from soy and seaweed to insects and feathers.

“There would be little point in retailers stocking meat from animals reared on certain proteins if their customers were unwilling to buy and eat it,” says PROteINSECT Project Co-ordinator Dr Elaine Fitches. “It’s so important that we find out what consumers of all ages find acceptable, to help us all make informed choices and reach a better understanding of the issues and challenges surrounding sustainable farming for the future.”

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor