It is All About the ‘concepts’

16-12-2016 | |
It is All About the  concepts
It is All About the concepts

The recent EuroTier exhibition in Hanover, Germany attracted 163,000 visitors, including 36,000 from outside Germany. Quite an amazing number! The buzzword of this year is ‘total concepts’.

The total number of exhibitors was 2,629 from 58 countries. I tried to visit as many exhibitors as possible, and even though I ‘limited’ myself to only visiting the feed related companies, there was still a lot of square metres to cover. While talking to many of these companies, I noticed that quite a few feed companies have started to talk about (total) feed concepts, instead of individual products (feed additives).

Feed additives: The concept – more than just the product

Of course, the products remain the basis, the core of what we are talking about, but it is complimented with advisory services, diet formulation advice, quality control, follow up, etc. Nothing really new maybe, but for me it is a sign that feed additives have become complex molecules, that simply require a comprehensive ‘instructions for use’ manual before feeding them to animals. This is also where feed companies can distinguish themselves from the others.

Product launches

The company MiXscience for example, launched its V Star Technology concept at EuroTier, which is based on applying a release technology for its current feed additive portfolio and future products. Another company, Neovia, launched its new premix/firm-services brand Wisium – this concept is based on product knowledge, formulation and ingredient expertise and quality control. Also known are the mycotoxin prevention and control programs, that entail more than just selling a mycotoxin binder. It is about harvest and storage advice, testing for mycotoxins and sharing data.

Tailored made solutions

Animal nutrition, in 2016, seems to be all about feeding concepts that entail more than just explaining the dosage rate of a product. Skilled people (nutritionists and veterinarians) are needed to help feed millers and farmers to get the most out of the products. It is tailored made solutions that are needed to further optimise livestock production in 2017 and beyond.

At the same time, All About Feed (and its sister publications Dairy Global, Pig Progress and World Poultry) also presented ourselves at EuroTier under a new concept: Proagrica. Proagrica is Reed Business Information’s umbrella brand for its agricultural portfolio. It encompasses software, data, analytics and media streams; delivering superior products and services that connect and empower industry participants to feed and fuel the world sustainably. You will hear more about Proagrica’s activities for 2017 soon.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor