Joint venture De Heus Int. and Wellhope

21-12-2006 | |

On 20 October 2006, the official joint venture between Wellhope and De Heus International was signed in Shenyang, China.

A delegation from De Heus International attended the ceremony in which chairman Jin
Weidong of Wellhope and Mr. Co De Heus, President of De
Heus International, signed the contract.

More competitive
Wellhope was founded only in 1995 and is currently already one
of the top 10 feed, concentrate and premix producers in China. Moreover it is
the fastest growing one. De Heus
has a longer history as it exists almost 100 years and is the biggest feed
producer in the Netherlands. With the technical and financial support of De Heus
behind it, Wellhope stands to be much stronger and more competitive than ever
Mr. Jan Cortenbach with a long Asia, China an feed industry
experience will be the chief technology officer in China of the  joint
venture. mainly in charge of the know-how transfer between De Heus and

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