Multiple plant extracts perform better

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Single plant extracts do not satisfy all variabilities in rumen digestion, but a combination of products show better effects.

Some five years ago Pancosma introduced its first plant extract product for
ruminants, Xtract 6965, designed primarily for use in dairy cow feeding

Following further research into the application of plant
extracts in ruminant nutrition, with an added focus on beef production, it
became obvious that a single product could not satisfy all the variabilities of
diet type, rumen interactions, behavioural patterns and production methods. This
applies equally to dairy and to beef production.

Three plant
A consequence of this research is the development of another
unique product, Xtract 7065, which contains three different plant extracts:
eugenol, cinnamaldehyde and capsicum.

This dual product approach provides
the basis of a new concept, “Xtract Systems for Feeding Ruminants”. This enables
Xtract performance, enhancing supplements to be positioned more accurately in
specific feeding programmes ranging from high forage to high concentrate in beef
and dairy production systems.

In a farm trial with the new Xtract 7065
involving 153 beef cattle on barley straw and ad-lib concentrates, feed
conversion was improved by 16%, feed use was 14% lower but weight gains similar
with those animals fed the ration containing Xtract. These results produce
potentially substantial economic benefits.

Another unique property of Xtract 7065 is its microencapsulated
physical form using hydrogenated vegetable oil as the base carrier.

allows for a controlled release of the active substances in the rumen over a
long period of time enhancing their reactivity with rumen contents and, in
specific cases, modifying feed intake patterns.

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