Muslims doubt that poultry feed is halal

09-10-2007 | |
Muslims doubt that poultry feed is halal

In Malaysia a committee has been formed to ensure that the chicken feed used by commercial farms in the country is free from pig enzyme.

The committee comprises senior officers from the Veterinary Services
Department, Islamic Development Department (Jakim) and University Putra

The reason for establishing such a committee was that several
Muslim organisation suggested that most of the chicken feed imported from
countries such as the United States, Brazil and China contained pig

Nothing found
A Jakim official however said there was
no truth in the claims that chicken feed used by breeders contained pig enzyme.
He said samples collected from farms so far showed that the enzyme was

“Jakim and a few government departments
have been monitoring the use of chicken feed, especially those imported from
Europe. So far, we found that breeders had conformed to the regulations set by
the authorities. The chicken feed is free from pig enzyme and there is nothing
for Muslims to worry.”

Ease worries
The official, however, said
the committee was formed so that an official statement on the status of the
chicken feed could be issued by Jakim to ease the worries of Muslim

He said the samples would also be sent to the Chemistry
Department and the Halal Research Institute for analysis. The results were
expected to be known in the next few months.


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