New mineral directory launched

05-03-2007 | |

Alltech and Context Products have recently published a new reference guide entitled ‘The Minerals Directory’, an essential review of minerals and trace minerals in livestock with key information from Aluminium to Zinc.

The publication enables readers to obtain an overview of twenty seven
minerals and trace minerals in animal nutrition. It contains information on
mineral sources, functions, benefits, absorption, metabolism, antagonists,
requirements and more.

As performance levels of all classes of farm livestock
increase, micro-nutrition is becoming more crucial. The book covers the role of
minerals and trace minerals in a number of species including ruminants, poultry,
sheep, pigs and horses.
‘The Minerals Directory’ is written for
nutritionists, feed industry experts, animal producers and for all those
interested in diet formulation. The book was coordinated and written by Dr.
Wesley Ewing and Sally J. Charlton.

For a copy of the directory please
contact Context Products Ltd.:
Context Products Ltd.,
53 Mill Street,
Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire
LE65 1WN, England
+44 1530 411337

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