Nucleotides for young animal diets

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Nucleotides for young animal diets
Nucleotides for young animal diets

The deficiency of nucleotides in animal diets may reduce health and growth in animals. In high performing or growing animals, the need to supplement exogenous nucleotides can therefore be recommended.

Nucleotides have been shown to have clear effects in young animals, especially with regards to the intestinal development. Studies with GroPro (hereafter called ‘yeast additive’) developed by Angel Yeast, showed that during the critical transition stage of weaning, complementary nucleotide may help save cost of de novo synthesis of nucleotides. It was also shown that exogenous nucleotide in diet increased duodenal villus height of piglets after weaning for one week significantly and that it increases feed intake of weaned piglets, improves digestion and increases the growth speed. Research also showed that the yeast additive was able to replace 2% of plasma protein powder in creep piglet diets (dosage of plasma protein ≥ 3%) and its use in creep and starter piglet diets have been shown to have significant effects on feed intake and growth.

Effect in poultry diets

Yeast nucleotides can also be used to improve the maturation of the intestines and to promote growth of poultry. Wu et al. (2001) reported that 0.2% exogenous nucleotides can increase nucleic acids and proteins content of intestinal mucosa, liver’s nucleic acid content in broilers significantly, and can promote the growth of intestinal villi. Saueret al (2003) reported the supplementation of nucleotides in basis dietary can enhance the absorptive capacity of the mucous membranes in the digestive tract especially. Lu et al (2007) found that the supplementation of 0.3% yeast nucleic acid can increase the ADG of broilers significantly, and hence reduce FCR.

Tool to repair intestinal damage

Functional feed additives, such as the yeast additive described here, have many advantages to counteract the damages on gut level, caused by weaning or high performance for example. The yeast additive mentioned in this article contains a variety of functional materials such as natural nucleotides, peptides, free amino acids and B vitamins, and can be used to overcome deficiency of nucleotide synthesis in a period of rapid growth and to repair intestinal damage. It also acts as an immune booster.


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