PepSoyGen a reliable source of protein for piglet diets

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PepSoyGen a reliable source of protein for piglet diets
PepSoyGen a reliable source of protein for piglet diets

Studies recently conducted at the Kansas State University and the University of Kentucky have shown that various high-quality animal protein sources can be effectively substituted with PepSoyGen® in piglet diets.

The product is an all-natural functional soy-protein ingredient from solid-state fermentation technology. In the studies, piglets fed PepSoyGen showed growth characteristics similar to the piglets fed animal proteins. In some instances, the pigs had improved growth traits compared to those piglets fed animal proteins.

Protein sources from animal origin are typically utilised for their increased digestibility, palatability, and optimal amino acid profile. Increasing concerns regarding feed and food safety have raised anxieties around feeding animal proteins. Additionally, most lower-priced animal proteins have shown lower digestibility and variable quality, which contribute to variable animal performance.

According to Dr. Jason Sewell, Nutraferma nutritionist, “providing young animals with a high-quality protein source is necessary for improved growth and health. Animal protein sources and fishmeal have historically been the first choice for piglet diets, but new developments in fermentation technology now give producers a non-animal protein option without sacrificing performance. PepSoyGen is a high-quality and consistent alternative.”

While cost effective, vegetable proteins such as soybean meal have not historically been used because high levels of anti-nutritional factors limit their inclusion rate in young animal diets. Advances in fermentation technology have been shown to reduce or eliminate these anti-nutritional factors and improve the nutrient profile of soy.

PepSoyGen’s manufacturing process hydrolyses the protein, creating small peptides that are easier to digest.  Patented microbes Aspergillus oryzae and Bacillus subtilis remain viable in the final product and can contribute to overall health and productivity. In another study at the University of Illinois, the research team was also able to show that the solid-state fermentation process of the product enhances the total tract phosphorus digestibility.

PepSoyGen is produced with a GMP+ certified process, demonstrating that Nutraferma has achieved a very high standard for feed safety and quality.

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