Poultry World and Pig Progress seminars at VIV Asia

06-03-2019 | |
Photo: Koos Groenewold
Photo: Koos Groenewold

The global multimedia brands Poultry World and Pig Progress will organise seminars at the upcoming VIV Asia.

The world of agriculture will meet again in Bangkok, Thailand, 13-15 March 2019, for another edition of one of Asia’s major international animal husbandry events: VIV Asia. Poultry World and Pig Progress will be present again with a series of seminars.

Pig health & Nutrition: Wednesday 13 March: 10.30h – 12.45h

Globally, antibiotics usage is being challenged – also in South East Asia. To avoid antibiotic resistance, which might cost human lives, in many countries there is an attempt to reduce the usage of antibiotics as much as possible. Using fewer antibiotics in pig production, however, creates other problems. How to make sure that the animals get through those first weeks after weaning well? How to make sure the animals don’t get diarrhoea? Can we adjust feeding, management or housing systems for instance to achieve the goals? In this seminar, Pig Progress will address these issues in a seminar, dedicated to pig health and nutrition. Speakers come from Kasetsart University, Dupont and Delacon.

Advanced Pig Farming: Wednesday 13 March: 14.00h – 16.15h

The second seminar from Pig Progress, in the afternoon of 13 March, the focus is on Advanced Pig Farming. Smartphones, sensors, drones and apps… The digital revolution is taking place all around us. Agriculture is increasingly embracing modern technologies as well. Swine farming offers many opportunities as well as challenges for these novel technologies. Which solutions have appeared on the market, how can they help pig producers do a better job and what to do with new data and insights gathered from these applications? Speakers for this seminar include Henke Sass Wolf amongst others.

Poultry Health: Thursday 14 March: 10.00h – 12.15h

On Thursday 14 March, Poultry World will organise a Poultry Health event. During the seminar we will cover the trend of moving towards antibiotic free production and how to keep birds healthy in doing so, while still being able to treat them effectively in case of disease. Furthermore, we will zoom in on how to implement antibiotic free concepts in feed formulation. With the restricted use or complete ban on certain antibiotic growth promoters as feed additives, new strategies for improving and protecting the health of farm animals must be explored. Speakers include experts from Kasetsart University,Dupont and Delacon.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor