Provimi invites farmers to test new piglet prestarter

21-01-2014 | |
Provimi invites farmers to test new piglet prestarter
Provimi invites farmers to test new piglet prestarter

Provimi , part of Cargill ‘s Animal Nutrition Business, invites farmers in the Netherlands and Belgium to test a new prestarter for piglets.

The product – Neopigg Go! – has just been added to Provimi’s portfolio and designed to maximise feed intake before weaning and the first days after weaning. In this way, the piglets – next to the sow’s milk – have access to extra nutrients, which will result in heavier piglets at weaning. In addition, using a pre-starter before weaning also promotes the production of amylase by the piglets. This ensures that piglets can convert starch into sugars much easier when they move from sow’s milk to a starch-rich diets.

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of live born and weaned piglets. However, the increased number of piglets in the uterus of the sow at constant nutrient supply may lead to piglets with a lower birth weight compared to smaller litters. Jaap Verstijnen, Technology Application Specialist Swine at Provimi, states that 0.7 kg difference in weight at birth results in a 4.9 kg difference at slaughter weight, concluded from trials done at the Cargill Animal Nutrition Innovation Centre in Velddriel, the Netherlands. “The birth weight of the piglet can obviously not be influenced by the use of a pre-starter , but it can contribute to heavier weaning weights , better restart after weaning and a heavier weaning weight at delivery ,” said Verstijnen .

Farmers who are selected to join the test team will receive 1,000 kilogram prestarter for free. Experiences and results will be shared throughout the campaign. Dutch and Belgium farmers can sign up until February 21st. More information can be found here: www.neopigg-go.nl (in Dutch)

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor