Results survey among aquaculture experts

13-11-2007 | |

At a recently held aquaculture meeting, organised by Alltech, the participating experts (50) gave their opinion about the current and future issues in the aquaculture business.

These are the results:

58% agree GM cereals and proteins will be fed to EU aquaculture
within 5 years.
agree offshore open sea facilities will be prioritised due to EU Maritime zoning
policy, with 13% disagreeing.
47% believe 1 or 1.5 ppm total Se is required
for most fish species (legal limit just 0.5 ppm).
65% felt that 15 to 20%
fish meal will be standard in salmon starter diets in the future.
carnivorous marine species, levels of 30 to 40% were suggested by 70% of the
Half the respondees thought a combination of both Viral &
Bacterial diseases threaten marine production.
65% agreed genetic selection
of salmon, tilapia & sea bass has improved growth but reduced
immunity and increased disease.

48% said all of the following
factors are critical in developing aquafeed; identifying effective mineral
levels, replacing fishmeal, feed contaminants and raw material prices.

51% agree that mycotoxin contamination has become a bigger issue in aquafeeds in
the last 3 years.
33% thought controlling disease was the biggest threat to
the development of aquaculture with rising feed costs and water quality a
joint 2nd with 20% each.
38% felt that marketing fish as a source of DHA
etc. and 37% the reducing wild fish industry were seen as the biggest
opportunities for farmed fish producers.
66% see between 10% and 20%
weight loss in their fish due to sea-lice.


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