Simplification of EU feed labelling needed

14-12-2006 | |
Simplification of EU feed labelling needed

FEFAC sees the European Parliament (EP) report on compound feed labelling, adopted in first reading of the EP plenary session on 12 December 2006, as the starting line for the overdue simplification of EU feed labelling rules.

FEFAC President, Prof Martin Tielen, fully supports to accelerate the
announced simplification proposal on feed labelling which would offer all market
partners a satisfactory solution. The present legal situation remains highly
detrimental both to EU livestock producers and the feed industry interests since
the required indication of percentage inclusion rates of all feed materials with
a tolerance rule of ±15% may mislead the customer while offering no sufficient
IP protection.

In line with food labelling requirements
members are fully endorsing any agreement at political level which would bring
quantitative labelling requirements for feed in line with current EU food
labelling requirements. The European feed industry has successfully implemented
safety assurance systems based on the European Feed Manufacturers Code, EFMC,
and the new EU feed hygiene legislation (Regulation (EC) No 183/2005) whose
principles are equivalent to the food sector and have considerably improved
traceability in the feed chain while reducing feed safety related incidents.

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