Successful MervoBest seminar good base for future growth

12-09-2013 | |
Successful MervoBest seminar good base for future growth
Successful MervoBest seminar good base for future growth

On Thursday September 5th, Nuscience Netherlands organised a seminar on the occasion of the renovation of the MervoBest factory.

The seminar’s theme was ‘Sustainable Animal Feed for a healthy dairy chain’. More than 150 guests from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Croatia and Hungary participated.

Besides an introduction by Katrien Deschepper, COO Nuscience Group, there were also presentations of FrieslandCampina, Cefetra, Schothorst Feed Research and Blonk Consultants. Afterwards, the participants visited the completely renovated production site of MervoBest.

With the MervoBest product line Nuscience offers a range of rumen-protected proteins of the highest quality. Using MervoBest in cattle rations improves the efficiency and is more environmentally friendly. Besides the known MervoBest Soya and MervoBest Rape products, MervoBest Sun (sunflower) and MervoBest Soy HP are now added to the range.

“We have full confidence in the growing potential of these products in the European markets and have demonstrated this with the seminar” says Theo De Vries, Business Development Manager. “The turnout and enthusiasm of the participants strengthens our confidence and the results achieved in terms of sustainability and efficiency makes MervoBest a unique product.”

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