Tecnofood Italia: Steamed fibre

19-05-2015 | |
Tecnofood Italia
Tecnofood Italia

This Italian company has introduced steamed fibre for ‘diet complete’ pet food diets to the market last year.

This is a complete meal for dogs that contains all the daily needs. Due to its composition, rich in steamed flakes of fibre and croquettes, it allows to have a diet based not only on extruded meat mill but on real pieces of carrots, legumes rice and cereals, carefully selected and steamed processed.

Through the steam pressing, obtained with Tecnofood Italia equipment, the flakes are crispy and tasty and preserve the nutritional value of the ingredients, the fragrance and a high biological value of the food. This makes this diet perfect for the resumption of weight because the amount of fibre increases the feeling of satiety.

At the upcoming Victam, Tecnofood Italia can be found on booth F051.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor