Trouw Nutrition launches new sow feed recommendations

23-01-2014 | |
Trouw Nutrition launches new sow feed recommendations
Trouw Nutrition launches new sow feed recommendations

Trouw Nutrition, producer of innovative feed specialties, premixes, and nutritional models and services, has launched comprehensive new feed recommendations for sows in every phase of production as well as sexually active boars.

The new feed recommendations were compiled based on three different sources: research done over the past few years in the global research  and application and solution centres of Nutreco, Trouw Nutrition’s parent company; the most recent industry literature and data; and best-practice insights and experience acquired by Trouw Nutrition experts in the field.

In the new guidelines, you’ll find information and recommendations on nutrient requirements, raw materials, vitamins and minerals. There are also feeding schemes for achieving specific results in every production circumstance, such as gestating sows, rearing gilts and mating boars, as well in universal sow diets. As a special feature, there is also a gestation calculator to enable you to calculate the nutrient requirements of gestating sows even more exactly based on your local conditions and situation.

The updated recommendations are just the latest result of Nutreco’s dedication to developing state-of-the-art feeding recommendations that deliver optimal results in specific circumstances as efficiently as possible. These are part and parcel of the company’s commitment to developing distinctive applications to improve feed efficiency, and add real value to the industry.
If you would like to receive and/or implement Trouw Nutrition’s new feed recommendations, please feel free to contact the Trouw Nutrition branch nearest you.

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