Adifo strengthens market position in China and US

23-01-2014 | |
Adifo strengthens market position in China and US
Adifo strengthens market position in China and US

Belgian Adifo (software for feed and food processes) is about to acquire Brilliant Alternatives (US) and Brill Resellers (CN). The negotiations have entered the final stage. The acquisition will help Adifo significantly strengthen its international position.

Brilliant Alternatives has a strong position in its US home market, as well as on the international scene. For instance, it has a significant market share in China via its local distributor Brill Resellers.

Peter Tsjoen, Sales Director at Adifo: “This acquisition will make us one of the most important partners for the Chinese food and feed sector, a rapidly expanding market. Food safety is increasingly gaining importance in China. As a European company, Adifo has acquired lots of expertise and experience in this domain over the past forty years. Through Brill Resellers’ extensive network, we will be able to deliver this added value directly to the Chinese market.”

Bob Brill, President at Brilliant Alternatives: “Adifo has been active in our sector for forty years and has attained an important position in the international market. Over the past several years, Adifo has brought its software portfolio to a high lever through various innovations. As a result, it is now recognised as the global technological market leader. Moreover, it values long-term business relationships, making it a solid partner for our customers in the long run.”

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