AFIA uncertain of feed safety guidance draft from FDA

24-03-2015 | |
AFIA uncertain of feed safety guidance draft from FDA

The document is intended to help animal and livestock producers keep feed maintained on the farm safe for animal consumption, and ultimately, human consumption. However, one animal feed group is uncertain the industry had enough input in creating the draft regulations.

The agency said the draft was issued to “…help animal producers ensure the safety of animal feed that is used on-farm.” The draft “…outlines steps animal producers can take to identify and prevent feed contaminants that are sometimes present in the farm production environment and could jeopardize the health of farm animals and the safety of human food derived from the animals.”

Richard Sellers, American Feed Industry Association senior vice president of legislative and regulatory affairs, said the document was created with little input from animal and feed groups. “Although the draft has been in the works for quite some time, this is our first glance at the guidance,” Sellers said, after the document’s release last Thursday.

Sellers also said AFIA intends to ask FDA to amend the draft to tell producers to contact the manufacturer about potential feed concerns, and will review the draft guidance and potentially formulate additional comments with a working group compiled of industry.

View the draft guidance to ensure the safety of animal feed on farms here.

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